Nachos                        Lg: 12.49           Rg:9.99

Homemade nacho chips covered in cheddar cheese, ground beef, green peppers, our own delicious salso sauce topped with sour cream.  Add chicken for 3.49

The Four Corners     13.99

Perogies, Pepperoni, Mozza Stixs & Wings. Sorry no substitutes.

Poutine                       Lg:8.99            Rg:6.99

Stacks of our homemade fries covered in gravy and melted mozza cheese.


Supreme Poutine       Lg.: 9.99          Rg:7.99

Mozza and cheddar cheeses, bacon bits, ground beef, onions and green peppers

Buffalo Chicken Poutine    8.99

waffle fries,chicken,hot sauce and marble cheese with ranch dip

Roast Turkey Poutine  Lg 9.99 Reg 7.99

roast turkey, homemade stuffing, mozza cheese, homemade gravy and fresh cut fries

Potato Skins               Lg:12.49          Reg:9.99

Piles of seasoned potato peelings, loaded with mozza and cheddar cheese, real bacon bits crowned with onions & green peppers and comes complete with a side order of sour cream.

The Kitchen Sink      13.99

A zesty combination of our favorite appetizers consisting of chicken wings, deep fried veggies,breaded pickles, Beer-battered onion rings, mozza stix and waffle friend.  Sorry, no substitutes.

Coconut Shrimp        6.99

Served with thai sweet and spicy sauce.

House Tour                13.99

A perfect blend of our homemade nachos, delectable potato skins and “8” delicious chicken wings.  Sorry, no substitutes.

Mozza Sticks  o          76.99

Chicken Wings          (12)8.99           (18)12.99

Onion Rings               4.99

Beer Battered Rings  7.99

Fried Pepperoni        6.99

Perogies                      6.99

Garlic Loaf                5.99
(add two dollars for cheese)

Half Garlic Loaf        3.99
(add one dollar for cheese)

Caesar Salad                                      7.99

Garden Salad                                    7.99

Spinach Salad                                  7.99

Homemade Chef’s Soup of the Day   4.99

Waffle Fries with Dip                 6.99

RICE                              3.99

French Fries              Lg:5.99            Sm:4.99

Substitutes $2.99
Instead of regular fries you may substitute for Waffle Fries, Regular Onion Rings, Small Caesar, Spinach or Garden Salad, Poutine or Soup.

Charlie’s Choice


All of our steaks have been aged to perfection and dipped in Charlie’s Homemade marinade.  Served with your choice of fries, mashed potatoes or baked potato and vegetable or coleslaw.

12oz T-Bone Steak                15.99

8oz T-Bone Steak                  13.99

6oz Striploin Steak                11.99
(Add a piece of fish for 2.99)

  16oz TBONE STEAK     21.99


served with choice of starch,side of mushrooms and onions, veggies

Steak Sandwich                     13.99

A succulent cut of strip-loin steak served on a loaf of garlic bread with mushrooms and onions on an opened face sandwich.  Add mozza cheese for 1.00.

Steak Sandwich Supreme     14.99

A generous portion of chopped sirloin, mushrooms, onion, red and green peppers topped off with mozza cheese.  Served closed faced.

BBQ or Teriyaki Chicken Breast            10.99

A char-broiled chicken breast brushed with BBQ Sauce served with veggies and coleslaw.

Quarter Chicken Dinner      11.99

White Meat Chicken Breast

Served with veggies and coleslaw.  Choice of starch

Ribs                13.99    FULL RACK  $19.99

Half rack of pork ribs, brushed with a maple bbq sauce, served with veggies and coleslaw.

Curried Chicken  $13.99

Roast Beef Mozza Melt    $13.99

Charlie’s Buffalo Chicken Burger  $10.99

All  items are served with your choice of french fries, baked or mashed potato.

From The Loch

All items served from ‘From the Loch’ are served with your choice of french fries, baked or mashed potato.


Breaded Scallops       12.99

Harvested from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean our sweet tender breaded scallops are served with fries and coleslaw.

Pan Fried Haddock   2pc:12.99        3pc:15.99

Perfectly fried haddock fillets accompanies with your choice of potato, veggies and coleslaw.

Clams Strips              9.99

Our breaded clam strips are made from sweet tender surf clams and are served with fries and coleslaw.

Surf and Turf                        15.99

6oz strip and piece of haddock and choice of potatoes and veggies or coleslaw.

Fisherman’s Platter   15.99

This tasty dish comes complete with one piece of our famous battered haddock a full serving of clams and four scallops, coleslaw, and lemon.

English Style F&C    2pc:11.99         3pc:14.99

Fresh from the Ocean, our battered haddock is served with fries, coleslaw, and lemon.

Santa Fe Haddock    2pc$ 11.99   3pc$14.99

This deliciously seasons and lightly breaded fresh haddock offers you a zesty alternative to our famous English Style Fish and Chips.

Substitutes $2.99
Instead of regular fries, you may substitute for Waffle Fries, Regular Onion Rings, Small Caesar, Spinach or Garden Salad, Poutine or Soup.

The Pasta Corner


Pasta               Sausage or Chicken: 13.99      Veggie:10.99

This is a nice mix of green peppers, mushrooms and red onion combined with our own chunky tomato sauce blended in Penne pasta and smothered in fresh Parmesan cheese and served with garlic bread

Chicken Parmesan                13.99

A full plate of Fettuccine is topped with a succulent boneless and skinless chicken breast topped with tomato sauce, covered with Parmesan cheese and served with toasted garlic break.  If you like it hot ask us to add Jalapeños.

Chicken Alfredo                    13.99

This classic dish comes with our specially prepared chicken smothered in cream sauce and served with garlic bread.


chicken, shrimp, sausage, homemade chunky tomato sauce, parm cheese, served on linguini with garlic bread

Shrimp Pasta                         14.99

Tiger shrimp, tomato, mushrooms, green peppers, garlic and inion served on a bed of linguini and served with garlic bread.

Alfredo Danielle    $14.99

boneless chicken breast, red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, cooked in our own cream with greek seasoning.  Served with fettuccine noodles. sprinkled with parm and served with homemade garlic bread

Cajun Rice  $13.99 

boneless chicken breast shrimp peppers mushrooms in a tomato sauce served over homemade rice


Wing Sauce                0.99

Sour Cream               0.99

Cheese                        1.50

Gravy                Lg:       1.99

Sm:      1.49

Coleslaw         Lg:       1.49

Sm:      .99

Salsa                           0.99

Ranch                         0..99

Side Mushrooms        2.49

Side Onions                2.49

Both                            2.49

Salads and Wraps


Dinner Caesar Salad             10.99

Romaine lettuce, mushrooms, our own bacon bits, home style croûtons, parmesan, and topped with our special dressing to create sensational salad, served with garlic bread. Add grilled or breaded chicken for 3.99

Dinner Garden Salad           10.99

A unique blend of lettuce, tomato, onions, carrot, celery, cucumber, radish, purple cabbage with garlic bread.  Add grilled or breaded chicken for 3.49

Maple Spinach Salad            10.99

Tender baby spinach and mushrooms covered in maple dressing complimented with granny smith apples, bacon bits, and a blend of cheeses.

Club Wrap                             11.99

Well what can we say? We took our famous clubhouse and made it a wrap. Served with a choice of potato.

Thai Wrap                             11.99

Lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pepper and grilled chicken with thai sauce. Served with choice of potato.

Santa Monica Wrap              11.99

This dish is served with our crispy breaded chicken, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and red onion with ranch dressing and hot sauce.  Served with choice of potato.

Chicken Caesar Wrap          11.99

Combine all your love about our Caesar salad placed in a wrap with 6 oz chicken breast and a side dish of your choosing.  Served with choice of potato.

Flora’s Favorites

All ‘Flora’s Favorites’ are served with your choice of french fries, baked or mashed potato.


Clubhouse Sandwich           10.99

Delicious turkey, crisp lettuce, bacon and tomato served on your choice of white or whole wheat.

Hot Turkey Sandwich           10.99

Our hot turkey sandwich is made with all white meat served with vegetable of the day, homemade gravy and fries, mashed or baked potato.  add homemade stuffing for $1.00

Hot Hamburg Sandwich       10.99

Made with fresh ground beef, served with choice of potato and vegetable of the day. Add mushrooms or onions for $1.00.

Hamburg Steak & Onions    10.99

A 7oz beef patty, charbroiled and smothered in onions, covered with our homemade gravy.  Served with vegetable of the day and homemade gravy.

Hogie Sandwich                     10.99

Tender shaved beef with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, mozza cheese and wing sauce.

Chicken Supreme 13.99

Curried Chicken 13.99

Chicken Finger Platter         9.99

Parmesian Chicken |Sandwich 10.99

Chicken Finger Platter   $10.99

Four breaded chicken tenderloins, served with coleslaw and dipping sauce

Hot Pulled Pork Sandwich  10.99

Flora’s Pulled Pork Sandwich  10.99

Western Sandwich $ Fries  $9.99


A 7 oz patty charbroiled and served with fries, mashed or baked potato.  Our burger may take a little longer because they are made from scratch. Cheese burger platter: 10.99.  Add bacon 1.00

Bonnie Flamer  $10.99

8oz burger served with jalapenos peppercorns banana peppers. charbroiled with a cajun mayo

Bonnie Triple Decker $15.99

24oz of 100% beef crarbroiled to your easte with  bacon cheese lettuce tomatoand onions

Bonnie Teriyaki Burger $11.99

8oz burger with sauteed mushrooms teriyaki sauce smothered with cheddar and mozza

Classic Double Bacon Burger Platter          13.99

This succulent 14oz portion of freshly ground beef includes bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard and relish, all served with a generous portion of homemade fries.

Vegie Burger & Fries  $10.99

Chicken Breast Filet             10.99

A chicken breast fillet on a kaiser bread dressed as a club.

Soup, Sandwich and Fries

This tasty combination lets you choose one of our scrumptious sandwiches: Bacon, Lettuce and tomato, turkey salad, or turkey sandwich.

Soup, sandwich and fries        10.99

Soup and sandwich                 9.99

Soup and salad                        9.99

Sandwich and salad                9.99

Sandwich and fries                 9.99

Liver and Onions                  2pc:11.99          1pc:9.99

Baby beef liver served with your choice of potato, smothered in onions and vegetable of he day.  Add bacon for $1.00

Substitutes $2.99
Instead of regular fries you may substitute for Waffle Fries, Regular Onion Rings, Small Caesar, Spinach or Garden Salad, Poutine or Soup.
Please ask your server for details about our Senior and Heart Smart Selections.

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